Week1: Essay topics

My name is Nayeon Kim, and I am a sophomore majoring in English. I was not interested in English when I was young. I assume that I grew fond of learning English because my mother praised me for my English. As I do something better when I get compliments compared to when I get criticized, it is obvious that I tried harder to maintain my so-called reputation.

When I was in high school, I never imagined myself learning English as itself in college. I always thought that I would learn “in” English to pursue a career in International relations. The reason why I applied for an English major was only because HUFS is famous for its great curriculum in English major. However such thoughtless decision helped me find my future. As I took some lectures in social science and international relations, I realized that these fields do not suit me. I focused more on Englsh, I started to enjoy studying. Now I seek to pursue a career either in journalism or translation and interpretation.

Currently I am interested in the topics related to the “comfort woman” issue. I want to focus on what we could do to get an official apology from the Japanese government. Another topic I want to seek is the future of technology and its side effects.


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