Week 2: Supporting ideas

I have changed my topic and the thesis statement because it would be hard to write a descriptive and analytical essay with the previous one. I decided to write about European refugee problem. The thesis statement goes like this; Europe and other nations should cooperate to eliminate the root of the influx of refugees because it will not end and might disrupt Europe where the economy is not as stable as it was along with overwhelming population problem. I do have to fix this somehow but I think this would fit the purpose of the essay assignment. My focus would be on the problems Europe will have to face if the refugees come into Europe endlessly in the future. I have found and saved some legit news article on the forecast of the countries that accept the refugees. I am considering changing my focus a little bit toward the reasons why the refugees are fleeing their country, but the topic is the same and I will decide after thinking about which topic will flow more smoothly.


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