Week 4: CSAT

Do you know how burdensome CSAT is for Korean high school students? It is obviously not a trivial matter, but people who have not gone through with the exam would never imagine. For high school seniors in Korea, the CSAT is the one and only goal. As it is, it seems like Korean students can never get over CSAT. According to data from the Ministry of Education, 17.2 percent of college freshmen took a leave or dropped out of school, and it is assumed that most of those college dropouts take CSAT again excepting those who have gone to serve in the military. Such tendency arises from people’s perception on college rankings and unemployment. Therefore, people’s perception on universities as the only passageway to get a job should be changed.

Due to severe youth unemployment, people tend to believe that getting into a prestigious university would save them from the so-called “unemployment hell.” The truth is, although the number of graduates from top universities getting a good job maybe higher, there are also a lot of those who fail several times. People tend to think that they have failed to get a job because their university is not considered prestigious. However, it is a misconception. According to a general manager of human resources department in GS construction, as most of the companies started to ban applicants from writing so-called spec, the factor that differentiates one from another is their experience and personalities reflected on tthe resume. Thus, people should realize that getting into a prestigious university is their only option for getting a job.


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