Week 5: Completed Supporting Ideas

The affluent member countries of European Union have long been accepting job-seeking migrants from Eastern Europe. Not all of these migrants move to Europe after following legal procedures, and thus both the migrants and native workers are suffering from unemployment. For instance, in the case of France, the leader of the EU, its unemployment rate is lingers high with 10.2 percent. Even considering the fact that France is not warm toward foreign ethnic groups in its society, the unemployment rates of native-born French people and non-EU born workers vary significantly with 8.6 percent and 18.9 percent respectively.

It is easy to assume that economic difficulty is connected with the migrants’ ethnicity. The conflict is not only between the native EU people and migrants. Such tendency could be seen between migrant groups. Recently the EU started welcoming Syrians while thousands of African asylum seekers are left on the borders to suffer from poverty that they have fled taking risks.

Lastly, the ethnicity is one of the biggest problems. In France, there already is existing conflict between the immigrants and the native people. According to a research, it was found out that while unemployment of overall population was high, the unemployment of the migrants turned out to be more than 10 percent higher than that of native French. Such problems between people within a nation could arise if deep-rooted problems in Africa or Middle East are not eliminated.


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