Week 7: Academic Fraud

As shown in the article, there were some fraud scandals in academic credentials since Shin Jeong-ah. After the infamous art history professor’s demise, the student from the article is the next scandal that has been around for some time although it was not as shocking as Shin’s case.

Most of the people who furiously responded to Kim, the student, were relatively young, the main users of social media platforms. There were more than ten thousands of comments on Facebook when a page posted the URL of the news about Kim’s overly outstanding achievement. There were many envying comments, and some were skeptical of her credentials even before the whole lie unraveled. The younger generation has gone on a practical witch hunt when Stanford and Harvard officially announced that they do not have a joint program that Kim mentioned. As much as people value academic achievement as a defining factor of social status, they respond to fabrications more fiercely compared to other scandals.

Kim is not the only one who should take the blame for her lies. Although it is not clear whether her father knew the truth or not, it is highly likely that he acknowledged the fact by the time he went on to media to brag about his daughter. He would have gained some, maybe not a lot, of money out of those TV shows, and he should also be responsible for the scandal.

The lies that Kim built up were so absurd that she became “the scarlet letter” for academic fabrications, but there are some cases that are not uncovered around the society. For instance, there was an internet post claiming that there would be no person who is more of a waste than himself. The post goes on that he has been cheating his parents that he got accepted to a university although he was rejected from all the universities that he applied. He made a fake account and told his mother to transfer money in there. He searched for schedules from the college website and made her believe that he is attending all the events and even got her to send some money for these events. He got away with this and bragged that he will post again if he succeeded the next time, which was the spring semester of 2015. There was not another post from him, but it is not clear whether he failed. There is a possibility that he decided not to write again because every comment called him with names that he definitely would not enjoy. The scandal with Kim was a big one, but there possibly are many other people who are worse than Kim, as the one illustrated above.


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