Week 14: Education

I agree with the statement that it is bold for Korea to export is education system to Kenya. First, it is beneficial for Korea to have an ally in Africa, the last continent on earth with the possibility of growth and ample natural resources. Not only the oil reserves, it would be helpful for Korea to invest in agricultural sector, since Korean domestic agricultural sector is diminishing. In order to sustain the demand and prevent Chinese food import to dominate the market, it is essential for Korea to have another source to compete with the overwhelming power of the Chinese. Furthermore, China has been investing millions of dollars in developing the basic infrastructure for trade such as railway and port. However, it has been causing environmental and social problems in the process of expanding development. It is possible that the sentiment toward Chinese is not that amiable, and it was the right choice for Korea to invest in the education and influence Kenya with its soft power.

Second, Kenya is the suitable choice for Korea to make as an ally. Kenya is the most advanced economy in east and central Africa. The economy has grown in accordance with the strong performance in the service sector and higher education. Kenyan version of KAIST is going to focus on ICT sector, and it is going to be helpful for the economy to develop the infrastructure for information flow and thus raising the possibility of the economy to flourish.

Lastly, there is a proven number of students that demand the education that KAIST is going to provide. The article mentioned that the government is planning to add Master’s and Ph.D. courses to existing ICT-focused undergraduate multimedia university of Kenya. Since they are expanding their courses in an existing university, not building a new one, there would be a solid level of students that are willing to take the courses if there are enough funds on their tuition.


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