Weej 15: KAIST

It is hard to agree with the first part of the statement that Korea is not going to gain any profit out of KAIST in Kenya.

First, economic benefit is not the only part that counts as profit. By building a Korean university in Kenya, we can introduce Korean culture in Kenya. For instance, we can build language school and make a student-exchange program between Korea and Kenya.

Furthermore Korea could gain economic profit necessarily from the university. In the long term, if Kenyans will develop a good impression  on Korea, it will be effective for Korean companies to expand their markets to Africa. For example, Kenya is suffering from shortge of power and they are in need of a nuclear power plant. The major project of Korean construction firms is to win a contract in building power plants in foreign countries. When Kenyan government tries to hire foreign companies to build them a plant, good impression Korean education have cultivated would be fruitful at that moment.


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