Week 15 Nayeon Kim, Min-jung Kim

Songdo’s Global Education Hub will fail because of three reasons: Low demands, expensive tuition and the ambition to live abroad.
First, most Korean students are focused on getting into domestic universities with high name value. Even if the universities that are imported to Songdo are well-known globally, the tendency of Koreans to disregard second campuses of universities would not apply there, so it is likely that the Hub couldn`t survive for a long period. Even if the Korean government provides financial support, it is useless if students won`t apply for colleges in Songdo.
Second, it is expansive compare to domestic universities. Students are not willing to pay the high tuition colleges require in order to sustain, because there are a lot of other choices already exist in the market. This is related to the first reason. Almost every college student feels that tuition for domestic colleges are expensive, while global education institutes in Songdo are far more expensive compared to Korean ones. It means that students from the middle-class will not apply for those colleges, knowing they might face financial risks.
Moreover, students from wealthy families who can afford to pay higher tuition fees want to gain a variety of experiences and get a better education. However, even those who can afford these universities want to go abroad in order to attend the original ones, not second campuses on Songdo.  For the European or US universities provide better living conditions and academic environments compare to Korea which is too competitive and lack of creativeness.


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